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Staples of the Albany rock scene, The VeLMAs have been voted the Capital Region's "Best Alternative Band" and "Best Rock Band" in 2006, 2007, and 2009 (Metroland).

The VeLMAs have shared the stage with numerous acts, including Soul Asylum, Collective Soul, Everclear, moe., Tally Hall, The X's, Winger, Vertical Horizon, Richard Lloyd, Samantha Ronson, and Shaw Blades (members of Styx, Night Ranger, and Damn Yankees).

Their debut album Another Day At School was followed by Recess, a 10-song "double EP" featuring new studio tracks, as well as several live tracks. Recess included the song "Restless, Restless," which was selected out of thousands of entries as one of the top 20 finalists on Howard Stern's much-publicized "Restless, Restless" contest. The song was also included on a compilation album called "The Best of Restless, Restless" with other top entries, including those from William Shatner and Robert Goulet.

Following Recess, Station was released on City Canyons Records. Station was recorded at Robby Takac's (Goo Goo Dolls) Chameleon West Studios in Buffalo, NY. Two digital-only singles, "Playground" and "Wait", were released by City Canyons in 2009.

The VeLMAs track "Clue", from their debut album Another Day At School, is featured on the soundtrack for the Xbox LIVE® video game NLL Lacrosse, which was released in Spring 2010.

The Velmas

Name: Mike "Harvey" Grosshandler
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
Musical Influences: The Beatles, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative, The Verve Pipe, Radiohead, Days of the New, Veruca Salt, Blind Melon, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, Banana Fish Zero, Jethro Tull, Johann Sebastian Bach, Silverchair, Puddle of Mudd, nearly every song/jingle/piece of music I've ever heard
Other Endeavors: I released my first solo CD of some of my acoustic recordings, Scales, in April 2003. I released my second acoustic CD, Wrote Myself, in October 2004. After more than 3 years of work, I released a "full-band" solo CD entitled "Blue Skies Black" in February 2012. Check out my solo site: for more info!
Past Bands: Pour Jayce, State of Nowhere, Fusion Monkeys, all after a brief but lucrative stint with Yanni
GMP Custom Roxie Deluxe (silver sparkle)
Les Paul Studio Lite (red)
Cort CL1500 Hollowbody Electric
Les Paul Studio Doublecut
"Green Meanie" Custom (built with my own two hands!)
Takamine Acoustic/Electric
Peavey JSX head
Randall 4x12 cab
MXR Phase 90
Crybaby Wah-Wah
Boss TU2 Tuner
D'Addario 11s Electric strings
Martin SP 12s Acoustic Strings
Dunlop Delrin 1.14mm Custom Guitar Picks

Mike 'Harvey' Grosshandler

Name: Todd "Figaro" Minnick
Instrument: Bass, Vocals
Musical Influences: Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Victor Wooten, John Coltrane, Fishbone, Stu Hamm, Doug Underwood, King Diamond, Megadeth, Sublime, No Doubt, Banana Fish Zero, Chris Wyse, Green Day
Other bands I've been in: Doc Apple, Pourjayce, John Savage Band, Cleen Street, Fire & Ice, Heads or Tails, American Cheese, Kamikaze, Lady & the Tramps, Mr. Zero, Monarch, Three Cows and a Chicken
Personal Note: I am the Barber of Seville..... Figaro, Figaro!
Personal Note 2: I'm not a kid, I'm a girl, and today is my birthday!

Ibanez K5
Ibanez sr405
Ampeg SVTIII head
Hartke 210 & 115 cabs
D'Addario EXL220-5 strings

Name: Michael "Bruce" Bruce
Instrument: Percussion, Vocals
How long: I've been playing drums since I was 11, but the air-guitaring and dreaming started when I was 5.
Influences: Honestly, I learn from Everything. I like every style of music. As long as it's a cool song, I couldn't care less what style of music it is. Obviously, I do have some favorite bands, solo artists, and drummers. Kiss are musical gods, and god bless Eric Carr. Van Halen, Yanni, Night Ranger, Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Michael Bolton, Lenny Kravitz, Winger, Extreme, Shania Twain, and on and on... All the Kiss drummers, Dave Weckl, Alex Van Halen, Charlie Adams, Kelly Keagy, Rod Morganstein, Kenny Arnoff, Vinnie Caliuta...
Do I teach? Yes, and I enjoy it very much. I teach private lessons and clinics. Every kid should play a musical instrument.
Theatre? I love it. West Side Story is GENIUS!
Will work for food: I'll sit in for anyone who needs a drummer.
Other Endeavors:I write country/pop tunes I'm hoping to sell to major artists. I'm also working on an instrumental solo album.
Tennis: Great game!
Chipmunk: Yes.
Personal Note: I thank all those who help support this band. You're the greatest!

Sonor Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Gibraltar Rack
Dave Weckl Signature Sticks
DW Pedals
Woody Woodpecker Doll
Protechtor Cases